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Saint Petersburg Theatres Information

Mariinsky Theatre Book tickets for this theatre The Mariinsky Theatre is one of the greatest theatres in the world. It is the birthplace of the Russian ballet; it featured the most famous artists. The theatre is named after the Empress Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of Alexander II, and was born as part of the Imperial theatres of Russia. With the support of the Royal family it could afford the most luxurious building and the best company. A high standard was kept in the Soviet years when the theatre became the State one. Nowadays the most majestic and sublime atmosphere reigns there.
Mariinsky Theatre (Concert Hall) Book tickets for this theatre Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre is a historic building. Even before the Great October Revolution a Scenery shop and theatre workshops were established, and they had been working to the present day. But in 2003 a fire completely destroyed the premises, and it was decided to build a concert hall on the remaining foundation. With the creation of a new hall with excellent acoustics it became possible to gather festivals and invite foreign performers. Here is a place for opera, ballet, and orchestral programs. A beautiful French organ is installed here and organ concerts are regularly held.
Mariinsky Theatre (New Stage) Book tickets for this theatre The New Stage (or The Second Stage) of the Mariinsky Theatre on Dekabristov Street was opened in 2013. Its history went with ups and downs: architects and projects changed, as a result, the building turned out not to be the most beautiful. But the internal appearance is much more interesting than the external one: the foyer is adorned with Swarovski chandeliers and interior lighting of the walls. A large hall with 2,000 seats is built by the classical canons: it has the shape of a horseshoe where you can see the entire stage from everywhere. The interior of the hall is modern, not classic. The repertoire of the New Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre consists of traditional opera and ballet performances, symphony concerts.
Mariinsky Theatre (Main Stage) Book tickets for this theatre The Main Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre on the Theatre Square is a beautiful ancient building created according to aesthetic canons of past centuries. Today's appearance of the hall is a reminiscent of the 1830ies when it was shaped to minimally distorting acoustics. Here are the majestic interior and rich decorations, as befits an ancient theatre. People come here for the aesthetic pleasure of music and visuals. The Main Stage was rebuilt repeatedly, and today it also needs a restoration which is scheduled for 2016. For this time, the entire repertoire will be moved to the New Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

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