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the Old Moscow on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Circus

the Old Moscow on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Circus

the Old Moscow on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Circus

Nikulin circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a real classic circus. Many spectators coming here with their children return to their own childhood when the circus was the same. There is an expectation of a miracle and something magic here that is created by talented artists together with musicians, decorators and masters of light.


One of the oldest stationary circuses

This circus is one of the first stationary circuses in Moscow and Russia. Originally it was Salamonsky Circus named in honor of its creator Albert Salamonsky which was a hereditary circus artist and entrepreneur. This circus was opened in 1880 and had everything supposed to have a decent circus: horse riders, skillful jugglers, gymnasts and tightrope walkers, clowns with comical scenes...

The audience consisted mainly of wealthy citizens, merchants. The main thing that attracted people to the circus was fun, emotions and laugh. That's why circus had a lot of clowns. "What is the circus where the audience laughs a little?"- Albert Salamonsky asked. Today the circus bears the name of Yury Nikulin, very talented comic artist.


Performances for adults

It is interesting to know that in times before Albert Salamonsky the circus performed not for children (as nowadays) but mainly for adults. Demonstrating the power of spirit over matter (over the animals, over the forces of nature, over the human body) had always instructive and impressive sight. But it was Salamonsky Circus that learned to talk with children. At first there were Sunday matinees created and adapted especially for children. Then Christmas concerts were added to the program. By the way, in those years there was already a tradition to dance around the Christmas tree and to give sweets to children.


State circus in homelike traditions

In 1919, with the advent of Soviet power, the circus became the first Soviet state circus, but it has retained its own traditions and principles. It did not stop its work even during the Great Patriotic War – this time its performances were more inspiring and heroic than entertaining.

The greatest actor of the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was Yuri Nikulin – a talented artist, a kind clown, a popular favorite, a star of circus and cinema. In 1983 he became the head of the Circus. And in 1996 the circus was named Moscow Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Today the circus is headed by Maxim Nikulin, the son of Yuri Nikulin.

In the late 1980-ies the circus was refurbished. It retained its original form, homey and cozy. A relatively small hall which accommodates two hundred people is very beautiful. All seats have a good viewing angle. The scenery and light effects are at the highest level, an exciting live music plays. Together with people animals perform on the stage: rhinoceros and kangaroo, black and white horses, white tigers...

The performance lasts about 2 hours. We recommend you better to buy tickets beforehand at the ticket office or you can always find them at our website.

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    Scheme of the hall Tsvetnoy Boulevard Circus

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    Address Tsvetnoy Boulevard Circus

    13 - Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Moscow. Tsvetnoy Bulvar metro station
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