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Vakhtangova Theatre (Small Hall)

the Vakhtangov Theatre

the Vakhtangov Theatre

The theatre named after E. Vakhtangov is one of the most famous in Moscow. It started in 1921 with a play "The Miracle of St. Anthony". Later a performance "Princess Turandot" (a fairy tale by Carlo Gozzi) appeared and became almost a hallmark of the theatre. At the same time the theatre got the official recognition and the status of the 3rd Studio of Moscow Art Theatre  (MKhAT). The theatre was named in honor of its first artistic director Yevgeny Vakhtangov.

The Vakhtangov Academic Theatre was always famous for its light comedy performances in conjunction with serious psychological plays. It was visited by many distinguished guests such as Voroshilov and Stalin. Nevertheless the theatre did not escape criticism and censorship, some actors and directors were even sent into exile for objectionable storylines… During World War II the building was destroyed, and an issue of moving the theatre to Novosibirsk was discussed. Despite this, the theatre has maintained its traditions to nowadays and continues to delight fans by memorable comedy performances.

Today the Vakhtangov Theatre stages masterpieces of Russian and foreign classical writers such as Chekhov, Moliere, Pushkin, Shakespeare, as well as the creations of more modern authors such as publicist Solzhenitsyn or storyteller Sergey Kozlov.
The Vakhtangov Theatre is a famous and a prestigious theatre, so it is rather difficult to get tickets for its statement. The box offices sell out the tickets for a short time, but a more convenient way is to buy tickets by our site. Our company cooperates with all major Moscow theatres including the Vakhtangov Theatre, so just order the tickets with our help. For this, call us or go to the page of repertoire.
The Vakhtangov Theatre is one of the centers of cultural life in Russian capital and includes such talented actors as Yevgeny Vakhtangov, Cecilia Mansurova, Ruben Simonov, Mikhail Ulyanov. Visit the theatre and join this culture!

Спектакли Vakhtangov Theatre

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    Scheme of the hall Vakhtangova Theatre (Small Hall)

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    Address Vakhtangova Theatre (Small Hall)

    26 - Arbat Street, Moscow. Smolenskaya metro station
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