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Todes Dance Studio

Todes Dance Studio

Todes Dance Studio

Todes Ballet Theatre is a bright phenomenon in the world of dance. Every performance is an explosion of emotions, incredible dynamics and bold choreography. To buy a ticket to the Todes Theatre is worth in order to feel a powerful impulse of the life force that comes from music and movement.


On the cross of genres

Todes ballet is authorial: its creator and inspirer is choreographer Alla Dukhova who is very familiar with Western European and American dance schools. Thanks to her, two dance group united in 1986 at a dance festival, and then in 1987 this new company came for its first tour.

The popularity of Todes Ballet rose thanks to association with famous Russian showbiz stars Sofia Rotaru and Valery Leontiev: Todes took part in their spectacular shows and concerts. In addition to contemporary dance the Company demonstrated such styles as break dance, modern, hip-hop.

In the late 1990-ies Todes opened schools and summer dance camps for children and adults. At these classes the most successful compositions are created, often at the intersection of different genres and techniques. Courage and improvisation became a key to the success of the team.

Today Todes Ballet headed by of Alla Dukhova holds a leading position at the Russian dance stage and represents the country abroad. Todes goes on tours across Russia and the world, takes part in  performances of pop stars, creates its own shows, wins awards at festivals. Alla Dukhova, with her powerful energy and love of dance, is an example for hundreds of young performers.


Dance theatre

Since recent times performances of Todes Ballet take place on its own stage: in April 2014 Todes Dance Theatre was opened.

The theatre became a continuation of Alla Dukhova’s creative activities. All traditions of the Company develop here: each performance is transformed into a bright dynamic show that combines elements of modern dance, theatre skills and technical tricks. The performances still include complex dance elements from various dance styles. The personnel of the theatre include even acrobats! But any performance is not only a fabulous range of spectacular techniques, but a new plot, a new story. Performers talk to the audience about feelings in the language of dance. It’s always a delight! Therefore to buy tickets to Todes Ballet Theater by Alla Dukhova is better long before the concert – they sold out instantly.

The repertoire of Todes Ballet Theatre includes performances for children and adults.

It is easy to get here by metro: it’s across the street from Alekseevskaya metro station. The theatre is small and has chamber atmosphere. Regulars recommend choosing tickets for the middle rows: the view there is better than on the first rowa. The hall has good lighting equipment, so a series of performances are accompanied by background of 3D compositions.

  • Scheme of the hall

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