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the Satyrikon Theatre (Big Hall)

the Satyrikon Theatre

the Satyrikon Theatre

Theatres in Moscow are very rarely associated with a single name of their chief leader. The exception is the Russian State Theatre Satyricon – a brainchild of a great artist, comedian and director Arcady Raikin.

1982 is considered to be the year of birth of this Moscow theatre. However the history of Satyricon began in long-gone 1939 in Leningrad when Arcady Raikin, a graduate of the theatre school, has founded his own Company named as the Theatre of Miniatures. It was the first Soviet theatre specializing exclusively in small pop genres. Raikin was artistic director, principal author and actor of this theatre.

Topical, interesting, sharp sketches and monologues by Raikin conquered the audience of the whole country. Despite the increasing popularity of its chief leader in cinema and TV projects the theatre continued to evolve gathering talented young authors and artists. Roman Kartsev, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Victor Ilchenko are well-known graduates of the theatre.

But the best helpmates of Arcady Raikin were his friends and family. His wife Ruth Roma (Ioffe) was his assistant in many sketches. His son Konstantin followed him in theatre career and became a recognizable actor and director. Certainly Konstantin started with performances in the Theatre of miniatures and eventually became a main actor and father's substitute in all matters.

In 1982 Raikin moved his theatre to Moscow because of disagreements with Communist party leaders in Leningrad. For 5 years the theatre didn’t have its own room and all performances were played in different concert halls. The building of the Theatre of Miniatures was opened in April 1987. Unfortunately Arcady Raikin did not manage to lead a new theatre for a long time: he was 77 years old and went aloft soon.

Konstantin Raikin became the director of the Theatre remaining in this post till now. It was his initiative to rename the theatre after Arcady Raikin. He has done a lot for the development and the glory of the theatre expanding its repertoire with classical plays (even by Shakespeare). For his acting and directing Konstantin has got many state awards.

Satyricon has become a real brand of contemporary theatrical art. You should buy a ticket to Satyricon if you want to experience an unforgettable atmosphere of the Theatre of Miniatures and to enjoy a performance of remarkable actors.

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    Scheme of the hall Satyrikon (Big Hall)

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    Address Satyrikon (Big Hall)

    8 - Sheremetyevskaya Street, Moscow. Maryina Roscha metro station
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