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the Russian Academic Youth Theatre

the Russian Academic Youth Theatre

the Russian Academic Youth Theatre

If you want to turn your children to the theatre, it's better to begin not with classics – young spectators are not ready to appreciate it. Choose fairy tales and performances for children! Many Moscow theatres include them to their repertoire, and the best of all in this field is the Company of the Russian Academic Youth Theatre. Buy tickets to this theatre and see it in person!

It is very easy to find RAMT: it is located at the Theatre Square near the greatest Moscow theatres - the Bolshoy and the Maly. This neighborhood underlines the prestige and popularity of the theatre. The theatre was founded in 1921. Current location was given to it in 1936 as well as the name of the Central Child Theatre (the theatre had this name during the whole Soviet period). Its first director was Natalia Satz, who was not yet a world famous producer at that time: this young actress and novice organizer was only 18 years old.

For decades the Central Child Theatre has been one of the favorite places of leisure and cultural activities of young muscovites. Almost all writers, playwrights and actors who worked on productions for children linked their career with this theatre. Famous Russian writers are among them, such as Sergei Mikhalkov, Alexei Arbuzov, Victor Rozov, Alexander Khmelik, as well as actors Lev Durov, Oleg Anofriev, Sergey Shakurov, Jan Arlazorov, Irina Muravjeva, Galina Novozhilova. An iconic figure of the theatre and the most devoted actress was Valentina Sperantova with her unrivalled roles of gentle mums and kind grannies.

In 1992 it was decided to expand the repertoire of the theatre. The direction began to focus not only on children but also on youth performances. The names of new authors appeared on theatre posters: Boris Akunin, Marc Levy, as well as Russian classics – Chekhov and Nabokov. That's why the theatre was renamed from Child to Youth and significantly increased its audience. Nowadays the repertoire includes the performances which are interesting to viewers of all ages "from seven to seventy". Buy tickets at the box office or on our website, take you children to the theatre – and they will love this art forever!

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