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the Operetta Theatre

the Operetta Theatre

the Operetta Theatre

The history of Moscow Operetta Theatre began in 1922, but the performances in this building had started rather earlier. The building belonged  to the family of Moscow merchants Solodovnikovy and considered to have one of the best concert halls in the city. After the revolution the Operetta Theatre was opened here by private merchants, and a lot of celebrities were invited to give their concerts. This  Moscow stage presented operettas by famous masters of arts such as Imre Kalman, Ferenc Lehar, Johann Strauss. It was very fashionable and prestigious to buy a ticket to Operetta Theatre.

The period of economic difficulties at the beginning of the Soviet era could become the end of existence of Operetta Theatre, but it was decided to provide it with state support. The first Soviet director of the theatre was Grigory Yaron, a talented actor and producer. The  repertoire was expanded by works of Russian composers Kabalevsky, Dunaevsky, Shostakovich. Dozens of famous artists shined at the stage of Moscow Operetta Theatre and in foreign tours. The most famous of them is Tatyana Shmyga with her unequalled soprano.

In 1988 the theatre was renamed. Now it is officially called  Moscow Operetta State Academic Theatre. The end of the 1990-2000s became a new era of the theatre. A new art genre has appeared at Moscow stage - the musical. The first premiere of the world-known musical "Metro" in Moscow Operetta Theatre took place in 2001. Then  "Notre Dame" followed in 2002 and "Romeo and Juliet" in 2003. Since that times the theatre constantly performs new musicals as well as traditional classical operetta.

If you buy a ticket to Moscow Operetta Theatre you will not be disappointed. A comfortable hall in classical style decorated in gold and burgundy tones immediately adjusts to the artistic harmony for listening great music. Masterpieces of operetta and musical from "The Merry widow" to "Romeo and Juliet" and "Cinderella" are best perceived here, and the whole atmosphere breathes with operetta. Buy your tickets at the ticket window or book them by Internet with our help. Our site contains information about upcoming performances and availability. Let's comprehend great art together!

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    6 - Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, Moscow. Teatralnaya metro station
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