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the Lenkom Theatre

the Lenkom Theatre

the Lenkom Theatre

The Lenkom Theatre takes its origins in 1927. At first it was called the Theatre of Working Youth. It was completely amateur theatre which did not invite professional actors, playwrights and directors in principle. The repertoire was far from classic and "the sloggers were playing themselves". But a theatre can’t exist without a professional support for a long time: it would either die or gradually become a professional one. The Theatre of Working Youth did not die, it has withstood the test of practice and turned into a professional theatre. Later it was renamed to the Theatre of Lenin Komsomol (LenKom), and this name has been surviving up today. But the success of the theater is not in the title. Why is Lenkom so famous and attractive to public?


Its fame is influenced by many reasons. They is a brilliant galaxy of well-known actors, a classical repertoire and of course a genial directing by talented Mark Zakharov whose arrival to Lenkom in 1973 increased the level of artistic workmanship and popularity among spectators. Whatever problems happened in Russian arts, the tickets to Lenkom were always sold out and the hall was full. Lenkom is not a simple theatre – it as almost an era, a milestone in Moscow theatre life. Lenkom gathered a brilliant actor constellation of several generations: Nikolay Karachentsov, Alexander Zbruev, Alexander Zakharov, Inna Churikova and many other wonderful talented actors educated by Mark Zakharov. The theatre lives and thrives. Its repertoire continues to attract audience and its performances make you to come back again and again to experience the fate of the Count Rezanov or dodger Tartuffe…

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