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Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre

Without any doubt, the Bolshoi Theatre is one of the most recognizable sights of Moscow. It was even honored by the image on the banknotes of the Russian Federation. Founded in 1776, it acquired the status of the Imperial Theatre in a while, becoming the center of stage life and keeping this status up today. The name of Bolshoi Theatre (The Grand Theatre) has become a well-known brand among judges of art all over the world.


The history of The Bolshoi Theatre

March 13, 1776 is considered to be a day of foundation of the Bolshoi Theatre. That day Prince Peter Urusov received the permission from Empress Catherine II to create a theatre. A great construction started on the bank of Neglinka River, but the theatre had no time to begin: all the buildings were lost in a fire. Then new theatre was built on Arbat Square under the supervision of Carlo di Giovanni Rossi, Russian architect of Italian origin. And the theatre was again burned, in  consequence of Napoleonic invasion. In 1821 under supervision of the architect Giuseppe Bova there appeared the Bolshoi Theater in its present look. It started on January 6, 1825 by "The Triumph of the Muses", a concert of M. Dmitriev (music by A. Alyabiev and A. Verstovsky). This date is considered to be the second birthday of the theatre.


The destiny of the Bolshoi Theatre is difficult and intricate. Its building was burned down, destroyed by fascist bombs during the war... The next reconstruction (started at 2005) gave an original appearance to this historical building, so that spectators and tourists can discover the splendor of antique theatre. High art fans are able to enjoy the masterpieces of world music in a wonderful and unique atmosphere of the main stage of the Bolshoi Theatre.

For a long time the Bolshoi Theatre is specialized on the types of art that are the true pride of Russian national culture, i.e. opera and ballet. The Company of the Bolshoi consists of the most talented artists. One can’t mention a classical opera or a ballet that has never been staged here. The repertoire presents exclusively the works of great composers: Glinka, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Mozart, Puccini.


Tickets to the Bolshoi

It is not easy at all to buy tickets to Moscow theatres. And the Bolshoi Theatre is the most prestigious of them, so it’s really difficult to get here despite of high cost. Therefore you should take care of getting tickets to the Bolshoi theatre in advance. The box offices sell out the tickets for a short time and the choice of seats is limited. But there is one more convenient way – to buy tickets by our site! Thanks to our partnership with the Bolshoi Theatre we can give you an opportunity to visit all the performances. You can book tickets just by calling us or going to the page of repertoire.

…Without visiting the Bolshoi one could not understand what the Russian art is. Get tickets to the Great Theatre and feel the great art!

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    Address Bolshoi Theatre (Main Stage)

    1-Theatre Square, Moscow. Teatralnaya metro station
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