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Moscow Theatres Information

Maly Theatre Book tickets for this theatre The Maly Theatre is the oldest theatre in Russian Federation. It was created in 1756. In that distant period as well as nowadays it was one of the most important places of cultural and spiritual life. It was called Maly (the Small) in compare of the Bolshoi Theatre because of it smaller building. It is worth noting that it’s small in size but not in value in Russian culture. Visit the Maly Theatre to view the fantastic plays by such authors as Gogol, Turgenev, Ostrovsky, Goncharov, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Moliere and many others!
Theatre of Nations Book tickets for this theatre The State Theatre of Nation is one of the youngest Russian theatres, but it is able to realize the most incredible performances, to take part in various festivals and constantly to be the centre of attention of the audience and the press. Acclaimed performances and productions beloved by everyone since childhood, famous actors and new young persons of art, fantastic scenery and beautiful costumes are all united by the State Theatre of Nations. The viewer who visited it at once will not deny himself the pleasure to return again!
Operetta Theatre Book tickets for this theatre Near the metro station Teatralnaya you can find the most famous theatres in Moscow. Operetta Theatre takes rightful place in this series. For more than 80 years it presents to audience the masterpieces of Russian and world operetta. Such genres as dance shows and musical also thrive at the theatre. It was here in 2002 (for the first time in Russia) the famous "Notre Dame de Paris" was staged with Vyacheslav Petkun, Theona Dolnikova, Anton Makarsky, Anastasia Stotskaya.
Satire Theatre Book tickets for this theatre The Theatre of Satire is a place of a variety of traditions. The interior of almost Soviet times, the classic theatre buffet and of course the famous Company with adored and favorite Russian artists – Derzhavin, Aroseva, Shirvindt. Years pass, but the Theatre does not lose its credibility and prestige. If you wish to see legendary actors on the stage and feel the atmosphere of the 60-70-ies, you can always buy tickets on our website.
Todes Book tickets for this theatre Todes Ballet Theatre is a continuation of Todes Ballet headed of Alla Dukhova. For a quarter of a century this Company holds a leading position in the Russian dance world, keeping abreast of scenic genres. Bold innovation combined with hard work and complicated dance techniques make it unbeatable. Every performance is not only a new story but an incredible and exciting set of dance techniques and stunts. Come here for bright emotions from music and movement!
Cirque du Soleil Book tickets for this theatre Cirque du Soleil (in French it means "Circus of the Sun") is a bright phenomenon in the modern circus art that combines ancient motifs of street circus and the latest technology. The company was founded in 1984 in Canada and today joins more than 4,000 people, so the Company gives performances in different countries at the same time. A unique feature is the fact that the circus constantly invites new artists with "guest" acts, and every performance becomes truly inimitable.
Tsvetnoy Boulevard Circus Book tickets for this theatre The circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is named after Yuri Nikulin – great Russian actor, kind clown, comedy movie and circus star. For many years Nikulin was the head of the circus, creating the mood of generations of Muscovites and guests of the city. The tradition of clowning was developed here long time ago – in the 1880s, when this oldest circus was created to the delight of the audience. For many adults this circus is associated with their childhood and still gives miracles.

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