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Anton Chekhov Theatre
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Sats Children Theatre
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  • Bolshoi Theatre

    The Bolshoi Theatre Without any doubt, the Bolshoi Theatre is the most famous among seventy Moscow theatres. There is no one in Europe who has not ever heard about this greatest theatre! Certainly, the history of Russian opera and ballet could not be imagined without the Bolshoi. Its repertoire entirely consists of masterpieces of world opera and ballet. The Bolshoi Theatre gathers the best actors, the best directors, the best orchestra and the best performances. For over two hundred years the Bolshoi Theatre is a symbol of not only Moscow but also of all Russian country.

  • the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre

  • the Grandpa Durov's Wonderland (Small Stage)

    Grandpa’ Durov's Corner is a peculiar theatrical space which includes both circus buffoonery and educational moments. It’s good to come here with kids: they will have fun and get some teachings from experienced playwrights. Since the beginning of the theatre in 1912 the idea was to perform the moments of kindness, understanding, patience and respect. The method of training proposed by Vladimir L. Durov is based on these values and has become so famous. All roles in the theatre are played by animals and birds as well as in folk tales. Also you can admire clowns, jugglers, acrobats and gymnasts.

  • the Ermolova Theatre

  • the Peter Fomenko Workshop

  • the Gogol Center

  • the Gubernskiy Theatre (Sergey Bezrukov)

  • Kremlin Palace

  • the Lenkom Theatre

    According to public preferences the Lenkom takes one of the main places among Moscow theatres. All the civilized world knows about this theatre, its glory extends far beyond Moscow and Moscow region. A lot of theatergoers come to the capital of Russia especially for the Lenkom premieres. Many performances don’t go out of the repertoire for many years: so, “Juno and Avos” has a full audience hall for decades and continues to be in the lists of the best and the most popular productions of the Lenkom Theatre.

  • the Maly Theatre

    The Maly Theatre is the oldest theatre in Russian Federation. It was created in 1756. In that distant period as well as nowadays it was one of the most important places of cultural and spiritual life. It was called Maly (the Small) in compare of the Bolshoi Theatre because of it smaller building. It is worth noting that it’s small in size but not in value in Russian culture. Visit the Maly Theatre to view the fantastic plays by such authors as Gogol, Turgenev, Ostrovsky, Goncharov, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Moliere and many others!

  • the Mossovet Theatre

  • the Obraztsova Puppet Theatre

  • the Prospekt Vernadskogo Circus

  • the Quartet I Theatre

  • the Russian Academic Youth Theatre

    Russian Academic Youth Theatre was previously called Central Child Theatre. This change of the name indicates that the repertoire became much broader and richer than a simple set of children's plays. Famous playwrights and writers worked specially for RAMT such as Sergei Mikhalkov, Viktor Rozov, Yuri Shchekochikhin and even Boris Akunin. Performances by different authors are put with an exceptional variety of eras, styles and traditions. Actors of Academic Youth Theatre are eternally young, energetic and talented. The Company has been awarded official prizes for many times.

  • the Satire Theatre

    The Theatre of Satire is a place of a variety of traditions. The interior of almost Soviet times, the classic theatre buffet and of course the famous Company with adored and favorite Russian artists – Derzhavin, Aroseva, Shirvindt. Years pass, but the Theatre does not lose its credibility and prestige. If you wish to see legendary actors on the stage and feel the atmosphere of the 60-70-ies, you can always buy tickets on our website.

  • the Satyrikon Theatre

    The name of the Russian State Theatre Satyricon is closely connected with the name of Arcady Raikin and his son Konstantin. Both of them are talented great Russian actors; the creation of the theatre is entirely their merit. Established over seventy years ago as the Leningrad Theatre of Miniatures, Satyricon remains a benchmark of comedy performances. However the repertoire includes classic plays as well.

  • the Sovremennik Theatre

    Sovremennik is surely one of the most famous theatres in Moscow. Opened in the era of the Thaw and survived the crisis of Stagnation, it is a true landmark of Moscow theatrical life. The main merit for this belongs to Galina Volchek, the permanent director of the theatre for nearly 40 years. Classical, avant-garde and new interpretations, Soviet, foreign and modern Russian authors, tradition and innovation – that is Sovremennik.

  • the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre

  • the Theatre of Nations

    The State Theatre of Nation is one of the youngest Russian theatres, but it is able to realize the most incredible performances, to take part in various festivals and constantly to be the centre of attention of the audience and the press. Acclaimed performances and productions beloved by everyone since childhood, famous actors and new young persons of art, fantastic scenery and beautiful costumes are all united by the State Theatre of Nations. The viewer who visited it at once will not deny himself the pleasure to return again!

  • the Old Moscow on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Circus

    The circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is named after Yuri Nikulin – great Russian actor, kind clown, comedy movie and circus star. For many years Nikulin was the head of the circus, creating the mood of generations of Muscovites and guests of the city. The tradition of clowning was developed here long time ago – in the 1880s, when this oldest circus was created to the delight of the audience. For many adults this circus is associated with their childhood and still gives miracles.